“YOU ARE REALLY TALL!!” ~ Said everyone I’ve ever met

It’s true. I am above the average height of a typical female…and male. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t have problems. They are just problems that only like 5% of us can relate too. Why only 5% of us can relate you ask? Well, about 5% of us are above normal height standards. Yes. I am talking to the group of girls whose shoe size is larger than shoe companies think exist and who have to shop in the men’s department to find shoes (that are too wide by the way) and pants that are long enough to no be considered capris. But also to the group of girls who become immediate friends when we see each other and say “OMG you’re tall too! I thought it was just me! Besties”.

We are a rare breed us tall girls.

But for the other 95% of you who aren’t above average height & are curious to what problems we actually have…And no it’s not just hitting our head on stuff. We are tall. We don’t have concussions 24/7

Check out my latest video “Tall Girl Problems | Sarah-Eliz” below

I hope you guys enjoy it. I mean I may have a bump on my head so I hope it was worth it. lol

Comment below and share the love for the tall girls <3 Are there any other problems that you have being a tall girl?

I can’t wait to talk with you’all.