OH the things that I’ve tried to get through the TSA…and man are they good at their jobs. I mean who would have thought that Peanut Butter would be a liquid…NOT ME that’s for sure. Well, I guess you learn something new every day. I’ve updated my brain on this new peanut butter, “It is no longer a spreadable paste made from peanuts. NO. Now it is a liquid what is dangerous to the air flight safety and homeland security”.

Well…peanut butter isn’t the only thing they won’t let you take on board. That’s right! They won’t let you take ****** either!! Can you believe that! Don’t worry I cover all of that in my latest video…Oh and I actually did try and take these through TSA, just in case you were wondering.

WATCH my latest video “TSA with Sarah-Eliz” Below

What crazy nonharmful things have the TSA not let you take on the plane. Comment below and let me know:)

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Fly Safe❤️